I’ve tried everything and GTX 1070 still stutters and crashes

I’ve tried everything I could find online, and as a last resort I even installed a new windows 10.

Long story short: my gigabyte g1 gaming 1070 (I think) causes stutters while playing games such as league, dark souls, final fantasy 12, etc. to the point of crashingmy whole system.

I’ve tried settings, I’ve replaced all parts in my pc, I’ve turned off overlays and fiddled with other things. I’ve tried /everything/ but still when I RMA’d it and gigabyte told me they tried using it on 3 different systems and it worked, I get the feeling it’s something else

I have:
Mobo:Gigabyte ab350 gaming
Cpu: Amd Ryzen 5 1600 (Cpu is cooled using Corsair aio)
Memory: 8gb Corsair vengeance 3000
Psu: EVGA g2 750 gold
Sandisk 120 gb ssd
1tb WB hdd

I use dual monitors, although even with one it still stutters. Temps are fine, I can run tests and post em on here. Heaven benchmark runs well but sometimes the stuttering happens on there too.

I honestly don’t know what else is wrong , should I rma it again ?
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  1. are you running a single stick of ram in single channel? if so that will definitely cause stuttering with a Ryzen CPU. you need 16gb, dual channel fast ram get another stick just like the one you have it will be huge improvement
  2. All gpu and motherboard drivers are up to date? Is your BIOS up to date, some early Ryzen BIOS’ had weird issues.
  3. To those who replied, I'm grateful! I apologize as I didn't get any notifications that you two had replied, and it's been quite a few months.

    An Update:
    No, its two 4 gb ram sticks.

    and everything is up to date.

    I just bought a 1050ti gpu to test and see if it stutters, and it does. So I'm convinced it's either memory or motherboard, maybe an AB350 isn't cut out for it ?
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