Laptop becomes slow after sleep mode.

Hello everyone,

Couple of month ago my laptop became very slow and was getting stuck at the windows loading screen. I figured it was hard drive and replace it with an old one. My laptop became much faster then it was for a long time, so the hard drive was not working properly for some time.

2 weeks ago similar issue started happening again. When ever my laptop goes to sleep and wakes up, it becomes very very slow and i need to restart it.

I thought that the old hard drive also found its way to walhala and bought SSD.
But the issue remains. Whenever my laptop goes to sleep mode, it becomes very very slow and i need to restart it.

I've already reinstalled some drivers and checked RAM but everything seems to be fine.

What could be the reason for such behavior?

My laptop is Toshiba S50-b-13D
Windows 10
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  1. Use Task Manager and Performance Monitor to discover what specific applications are slowing things down. Or otherwise grabbing all of some resource at the expense of Windows.

    Reliabilty History may also be catching and noting some warning messages or error codes.
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    GO to system, power and sleep, go to additional power settings (to the right of the page), , click on change plan settings, go to change advanced power settings, a small box will pop up, set power to high performance, go down to sleep, enable (on) hybrid sleep, hibernate:never, enable wake timers, minimum processor state 100%, active cooling state, maximum processor state 100%, don't forget to hit apply :] see if this helps.
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