No display on monitor but my graphics card is definitely working.

My monitor is not displaying anything but my graphics card is definitely working. The graphics card I am using right now is my friends old graphics card as I thought my one was broken so I got a loan of my friends old 750. I have tested dvi-e and hdmi with mutiple cables in different monitors. I know the graphics card is functional as my friend tested it at his before I left. Everything is booting up but im not getting any display. All fans are starting all lights that are supposed to turn on do turn on. All cables on the motherboard are in correctly. I cannot figure out the problem. It cannot be a faulty 6 pin as my friends old 750 requires no 6 pin or external power just the pci. The graphics card is definitely getting power and outputtin power as when I turn the pc on the gpu fans spin and the monitor changes from “check signal cable” to “no signal” I have dismantled the entire pc then rebuilt it again and that has made no difference. I have yet to test the motherboards vga as I do not have a vga handy. Can anyone help with this issue?

Edit: I have plugged my mouse in and left it to boot for 5 minutes this has not fixed any issues although the LED on the mouse has not turned on even though it usually turns on just after asrock splash screen goes away. I have also done a cmos reset and that has not changed anything also.

Asrock 980de31u3s3
Fx 8320
Gtx 750
12gb ballistix ram
240gb sandisk ssd
1tb wd blue hdd
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  1. How are you attempting to connect the graphics card to the display?
    What is the specific model number of the graphics card?
    What is the specific model number of the power supply?

    -Wolf sends
  2. The power supply is evga600b and I do not know the exact model name of the gpu although it is a single fan asus gtx 750.
  3. The power supply is sufficient for your graphics card. The models that I reviewed do not require additional power from the power supply, so I'm led back to my initial question.

    How are you attempting to connect the graphics card to the display?


    -Wolf sends
  4. I am trying to connect it using hdmi to monitor and ive tried dvi also. Both have been using the gpu ports. Ive just been connecting it to the monitor like how I usually do then on friday my gpu cut out mid game of counter strike and since then I havent been able to get a signal on either of my monitors. I have tried two different hdmis and two different dvi e cables but that hasnt been the problem and the monitors are also not the problem.
  5. I managed to get it booted earlier but then I shut it down to try my gtx 780 ti and then it didnt work with either graphics card
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    Monitors known good
    Cables known good
    Graphic Card known good

    It's either your power supply that cannot support the graphics card or the motherboard has died. Test the power supply with the GTX 750 in another computer. If it fails, it's the power supply. If it's ok, your motherboard has died.

    -Wolf sends
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