DVI-I monitor to DVI-D graphics card

My monitor's only output is DVI-I dual link, the graphics card is DVI-D dual link. The only cable I have that fits is DVI-D single link
Do I need dual link cable to work?
The monitor detects that it's connected but recieves no output from either the on board or external graphics card.
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  1. What's the monitor model ?
    What's the gpu ?
  2. The cable should work.
    What components using?
  3. madmatt30 said:
    What's the monitor model ?
    What's the gpu ?

    The GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB I think, they've taken it off the website since this morning!
    The moniter is a samsung syncmaster p2270
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    DVI-I has both analogue and digital signals, DVI-A has only analogue, DVI-D only digital.

    You have tried manually selecting the correct input on the monitors OSD ??
  5. I swear I tried that and it just flicked between analogue and digital but I can't say say at what point in the whole saga of taking it all to pieces, that I tried it. It also doesn't beep, so between that and the lack of output I thought I'd got a duff one - their support did too, even had me clear the CMOS and wanted to order me a replacement
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