psu blown did it damage the other components???

i have a new desktop and i plug it then when i turn on the psu then i heard boom...
when i look at the psu i see red bottom that was on 115v. i change it to 230v to see if work but nothing happen did i blown the fuse???and did the blown damage my motherboard,ram,cpu or gpu??? my psu is allied al-d500exp
need fast reply

my spec:
window 10 64bit
cpu: i7 7gen
motherboard: z370 a pro
8gb ram
gpu: rx 580 4gb
psu: allied al-d500exp
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    Most likely if you had the wrong voltage set you just killed the psu.

    It needed replacing anyway, absolute awful,quality & didn't deserve to be in a system with those components.

    Blew up with a 350w load, you're touching 400w with your system.

    Enough said.
  3. That PSU is straight up garbage and should be replaced ASAP. Given it's extreme low quality it is possible something has been damaged. The PSU is a very bad place to skimp on quality.

    You also have another big problem. Your Motherboard and CPU are not compatible. The Z370 boards(and all the other 300 series Intel boards) only support 8th gen CPUs, your 7th gen cpu may fit into the socket but it will not work on that board.
  4. later i thing i buy a new psu can u give me a good one
    i not sure if the cpu is 7th gen because it first time i turn it on and i just see on the intel sticker on the desktop that this is 7th gen
    i just won it from a raffle
  5. Quote:
    but nothing happen did i blown the fuse???

    Likely. You can open it up and observe for yourself (you don’t have to touch anything). Also just because the fuse isn’t blown, doesn’t mean it’s safe to use. Quite the other way around after you hear “boom”.
  6. it's working fine now i just bring the desktop to the pc express and they just replace the psu
    about the cpu i sure now it 8th gen not 7th gen
    thanks for your help ^_^
    this is my new psu:
  7. Still not a very good,psu but at least not a deathtrap.
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