Hp Envy 15z (Fan, Sleep Mode, Ran into a Problem Issue)

This is my first time I'm writing here because I'm so confused and don't know what to search for that's why.

I am using Hp Envy 15z Laptop. I've installed Windows 10 Pro N on it.

1.Few days ago it shows an error when starts that "Fan is not working properly Error: 90B" I press enter and it opens normally.

2. My battery is okay but after I set my laptop on sleep mode and when I open it back It started and a screen comes that "Windows is resuming" but suddenly it goes off. My battery was charged but still this thing happen until I plugged in the Adopter and then it starts correctly.

3. When I shut down my PC its the 2nd time that it shows an error that "Your PC Ran into a Problem" I already fixed it by restore point option.

4. I thought it was a windows error so I tried to install Windows 8.1 but it still shows "Your PC Ran into a Problem"

So I am facing these three issues.
All these issues happening because of the Fan problem? Or what?
I am so exhausted, there is a lot of working pending that needs to be done but due to my laptop issue I can't.

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    They sound a lot like issues that can happen from overheating, virus on the laptop, the motherboard going bad or strangely all those things going bad at once. The last seems less likely, but I have seen weirder things happen.
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