Testimony of GTX card for Dell Precision T5500- BIOS and mobo versions

I know there are quite a lot posts regarding compatibility of GTX cards with the Dell Precision T5500, however most of the posts don't mention the bios version and mobo version.
My T5500 has the following BIOS and motherboard version:

jeanpat@Dell-T5500:~$ dmesg | grep -i 0D883F
[    0.000000] DMI: Dell Inc. Precision WorkStation T5500  /0D883F, BIOS A02 05/28/2009
[    2.840141] Hardware name: Dell Inc. Precision WorkStation T5500  /0D883F, BIOS A02 05/28/2009

I'm looking for testimonies of successful installations of GTX 750 ...1060 nvidia cards in T5500 according to the bios version and the motherboard version.
Mine has BIOS A02 from 2009 and mobo 0D883F.

Thanks for your help.
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    Upgrading a Dell BIOS is very easy. If you want to run a GPU newer than 2009 I would just do it. D883F is a later model MB for those with active chipset cooling. They're up to A16. There are some Intel chipset driver updates you might want also.
    Here are about 2000 builds for that system.
  2. Hello
    Yes, 1060 should work fine in the T5500. Do as william p suggested and upgrade to both latest BIOS and motherboard Intel chipset driver. This will give maximum possible compatibility, including use of high end Westmere CPUs. Fastest of which would be the X5687 which will make a for a great gaming machine.
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