Help. Blue Screen Of Death on Fresh Install Of Win 10


Both my kids have identical 32GB SSD HP laptops, which whenever a new release of Win 10 comes around require a fresh install because of the lack of storage and constant failure to install messages (1803). Have downloaded the latest Win 10 USB and completed the install on one with no problem.

The second machine will boot from the USB then very briefly show what I think is the language/country option box, it then immediately goes into the BSOD. I have also downloaded the DVD and exactly the same thing happens when I boot from that.

I have deleted programs and files to create space to no avail, but don't think space is the problem as both machines had pretty much the same space left. Have tried on numerous occasions and it fails at exactly the same point every time.

Have also run the HP diagnostic program, with no problems showing. Help!

All help gratefully received.

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  1. What error message is it showing? Every BSOD will have a code like IRQ less than or equal or Memory Management or (hopefully not) WHEA error, so knowing which one it is and maybe a file name is a start.

    Normally the only errors I see on fresh installs are caused by ram so I would run memtest86 on the laptop - it creates a bootable USB so no need for windows, test each ram stick by itself, about 8 runs of the test. Any error count higher than 0 is too many and a sign ram stick is likely cause of bsod you are getting. remove stick and replace it if it is cause.

    tried a different USB slot?

    Strange for it to crash after language but before install screen, as far as I know it doesn't do anything there except show next menu choices.
  2. Thanks Colif, I suspect it is memory related despite the diagnostic showing no problem. Maybe terming it a BSOD was wrong, all I'm getting is a light blue screen.

    Will run the Memtest later -
  3. is this similar to what is happening?

    what model HP laptop? perhaps follow some of the steps this other person tried or was offered.
  4. Thanks again. Not exactly the same problem, what I presume is the language select screen pops up and disappears in an instant just prior to blue screen, too quick to read.

    Its a 14ac100n a cheapy but has worked fine for the kids.

    Have tried a Windows repair but has been stuck on 'Getting things ready' for the last 4 hours!

    As you suggested earlier its looking towards a memory problem.
  5. Have run Memtes86, no problems found.

    Anyone have any other ideas, or other ways to do a fresh install?


  6. 4 hours on an ssd... I wonder if its the ssd at fault here. I would suggest chkdsk except you need to get to the screen after the language screen to access the repair menus, exactly where your install fails.

    I wouldn't think windows does very much at all between the language screen and the install screen, it might try to load the installer into ram but as ram has checked out, I am starting to scratch my head here.

    Could try another USB stick, see if that changes anything. Would be odd if it did help since installer worked fine on other laptop.
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    Thanks again Colif. i was beginning to doubt the SSD, but I seem to have solved the issue by downloading the latest BIOS settings from HP. After doing so the 1803 update went through fine.

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