Help finding laptop :Windows 10 8th gen 4k AdobeRGB with 10 keys laptop 15" -17" minimum 1070 ... maxq fine, 32Gb

I am trying to find a laptop with the following
Windows 10
8th gen
with 10 keys
15" -17" (prefer 15)
Minimum 1070 ... maxq fine
US International keyboard

I am a photographer so looking for the adobe rgb for that but to be honest there will be a little gaming during downtimes

The new Dell XPS 15 is great but ten key less and graphics card a little stretched?
New Aienware are sRGB
New Gigabyte 15X looks great but from Europe i cannot find a US keyboard ... granted it is not fully released yet. I contacted Gigabyte and they were less than helpful.
Found some of the profesional workstations (Dell, Lenovo) but these have quadro cards and are larger and v expensive.

Sensible suggestions welcomed
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    What you want does not really exist outside of those workstations you mentioned. You can take a look at some things here
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