Windows 10 1366*768 resolution not available.

My name is Binay,
I recently downloaded Windows 10 iso file online and I copied all files to one of my drive in storage of PC.
I installed Windows 10 successfully but it does not shows the resolution of 1366*768 I went to advance settings in display settings but it's not available, my monitor is of 1366*768 resolution. I can't figure out what to do. I don't have my GPU driver also.
My specs- i3 2120 3.3ghz
2gb ddr3 ram, 1gb AMD/ATI shappire hd Radeon 5450. Intel desktop board 02.
I also don't know whether motherboard and GPU driver installed or not. Anyway I downloaded GPU driver but when it was installing it says your pc ran into problem and needs to restart.
What the hell is going on?
Please help!
I cant play games in full screen mode...
I get 1024*768 or something as recommended and 800* something in advance settings in display settings.
Please help! Please!
I'll be waiting for the helpful reply!

Thanks in advance.
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    It sounds like your Radeon is not recognized.
    Right click on the desktop. go to Display Settings.
    About halfway down click on 'Display Adapter Properties.' It should say Radeon.

    Step one: Boot into BIOS, usually it's the DELete key it should show when you are booting.

    Two: Check to make sure that graphics in BIOS are set to use the PCIe slot, not the integrated graphics on the CPU.

    Three: Make sure your monitor is plugged into the graphics card, not the motherboard.
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