Will my CPU cooler and Power Supply fit in Silverstone RL06 case?

Good day guys need some help about pc case im planning to buy Silverstone RL06 case but my concern is my CPU Cooler Master Hyper 212 led and PSU Seasonic S12II 620W 80PLUS Bronze will fit in the case? Thank you.
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    Those will fit most cases. The only exceptions would be very small form-factors meant for SFX PSU's or similar.

    Having said that, depending on the CPU you may want a better cooler. For example anything you might OVERCLOCK may need a better cooler or at minimum the fan may be sufficient but too loud.
  2. Thank you sir.
  3. @chaozzs29 how did it go ? did the 212 fit the rl06 or did you chaged anything ?
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