Is assassins creed origins considered as a worst case scenario in a bottleneck?

I have an I5 7400 and i would like to change my gtx 1050 to a gtx 1080. I have heard that the i5 7400 bottlenecks the gtx 1080 in « worst case scenarios ». Are BF1 or (especially) ac origins considered as « worst case scenarios »?
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  1. Any CPU heavy title, the 7400 will hold back a 1080. I have not played AC origins, but for BF1 it will definitely hold you back. BF1 has the 6600k as the minimum CPU requirement, and the 7400 is below it. So there will be some stuttering with a weaker CPU but you should have reasonable fps.

    My belief is to build a system around a GPU. So I would go get the 1080 and have the plan to upgrade to a 7700 later. You can get a 7700 at microcenter for around 250 and it will have no issues pushing a 1080. But I would not get a 7700 now and pair with a 1050, because you will have too much CPU and not enough GPU.
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    AC: Origins is one of the most CPU heavy games out right now and for the moment it is probably the worst case scenario for the 4 core/4 thread i5s with dips in to the low 40s FPS regardless of GPU due to CPU bottlenecking in the city areas of the game. Battlefield 1 is probably the second most CPU heavy game, at least in 64 player maps. 4 core/4 thread i5s can do okay on large Battlefield 1 matches eg. mostly hold 60FPS, but they need to be clocked high to do it, which isn't good if you have a locked CPU like the 7400.
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