Which Cpu cooler will fit my Xigmatek asgard pro case?

I need to replace my cm tx3 evo cooler but it seem there are many choices so i look into noctua nh d14 and cryorig h5 universal for my I5 3470 but i just don't know how to make sure it fit my xigmatek asgard pro? Any help will be appreciate.

May i ask some,my rig is i5 3470,asrock h77 pro4mvp, Galaxy Gtx 660 ti,2x4gb gskill ddr3 ram. While playing Attila total war i exprienced lag during battle and blood on. So i look to upgrade to i5 8400 but then i realized i also need new mobo and ram,that'll be out of my budget. If just get new gpu like 1060 3/6gb or rx480 will Attila be running good? Sorry for long question.

Edit:My cpu is I5 3470 not 3570, typo
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  1. Case syates 160mm max , both those coolers are 160mm exactly.

    I think you may be pushing it , they may fit ,they may not.

    Anyway for a 3570 theyre both massive overkill.
    A decent 120mm tower is more than enough.

    Cryorig h7 or deepcool gammaxx 400.

    I ran a 3570 with the cheaper gammaxx 300 & at the lowest fan rpm it still never touched 65c under stress testing
  2. My cpu is 3470 not 3570 sorry for typo. I noticed cryorig h7 is old model and quite popular but i want great cooler if it fit. By your answer it will not be perfectly fit.

    Wow i never thought it will be overkill as bigger is better right.
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    The h7 isn't older, it's merely a litle smaller (120×mm as opposed to 140mm) for people with more compact cases.

    The h7 is way more than enough for a sub 100w i5.
    As I said the gammaxx 300 will handle that gpu & it's generally a $20 cooler.
  4. Ok i'll look into cryorig h7, thanks.

    So other question, will gpu upgrade help to better gaming on Attila?
  5. Attilla I would say is very dependant on cpu power.
    While the 3470 is a decent cpu its some 6 years old.

    Drop the In game resolution to 720p (assuming your current res is 1080p?)

    If you get a performance Boost then yes a gpu upgrade will help

    If performance remains roughly the same you're cpu limited.
  6. Ok i will try your suggestion..and cryorig h7, thanks.
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