Cpu 2? Where does it go?

Hey guys,

I have a pc with the specs below:

I7 4770k
8gb ddr 3
2TB hard drive
1000 evga gold psu.

Ok, so I am new to mining, so I took my pc parts out of my case. (I had a technician a few years ago install a new psu). Anyways, for some reason he only hooked up the cpu 2 cable. I don't have the cpu 1 cable. Can I hook up the cpu 2 cable to my psu's cpu 1 port or does it go to the cpu 2 port? Or does it matter?

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    One end of the cable goes to the CPU port on the PSU, the other end goes to the CPU 12V power connector on your motherboard.

    The PSU supports a motherboard with 2 CPUs. in your case you have a signle CPU. you can plug your CPU 12V power to either CPU1 or CPU2 on your power supply. Perhaps he chose CPU2 for easier cable routing.
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