Concerning a Capture Card to stream my PS4 Games

Not totally sure if this goes in this forum so if I am in the wrong place, please forgive. I am not a super tech at this sort of stuff either so humor me please. Here is what I want to do.

PC gaming "to me" has just gotten stale, not really happy with whats out to play atm. I have been thinking of going and buying a PS4 Pro + a complete VR bundle package. I am also a streamer on so what I want to do is stream PS4 Pro games on twitch through my PC. I have a pretty high end PC as well.

I use Xsplit to do my streaming. I want to play PS4 games and stream it through my PC through I also want to be able to utilize my green screen and my Xsplit overlays while doing this. I need some guidance on how to go about this and also what type capture card should I buy?

If something else other than a capture card is needed to accomplish this, I would be thankful if someone would educate me/ thanks in advance for any help you guys might offer.

PS: edit - also something else I thought of .... If I am streaming my PS4 games through my PC onto twitch, if I am logged into Discord and maybe have music playing (both on my PC) at the time of my stream, will my stream viewers hear everything from my PS4 (the game I am playing) as well as my PC (the music playing and me and friends talking in my Discord running on my PC) as I stream?
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