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So basically I want to set an absolute max voltage on my Gigabyte Aorus z370 Gaming 5 Board but also have it dynamic so its not constantly getting max voltage. From what I've gathered, I can achieve this by using DVID and setting an offset. I'm not entirely sure what the "default" VID is so I know roughly how much to make the offset. Also, coming from an Asus board, how does LLC work on these boards? I have Auto, Standard, High and Turbo on this model, would Turbo cause the highest overshoot or vice versa? I tried setting my voltage "Normal" with 0.000 DVID and using any given LLC will still cause my readings in CPUZ to go all over the place. Does anyone know how I can achieve this? Thanks in advance.
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    i use dynamic voltage with 0.001v offset XD - it works the best.
    now the base should be below 1.35v (i'd say below 1.3v is better).
    Please note that actual voltage may differ from what shown by BIOS or programs like HWInfo64. On GB boards it tends to be higher than reported.
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