How much power(W) does a Gainward GTX 570 Phantom use alone, not including other components?

Hello all;
i am in a dilema concerned with PSU's and will be adding a 2nd one outside my rig to power my GPU, does anyone know How much power(W) a Gainward GTX 570 Phantom use?, it will be the only thing on the 2nd psu.
All contributions will be highly appreciated, thankyou.
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    According to the website, the GTX 570 uses 219W.

    Also, I literally copied from your subject line "How much power(W) does a Gainward GTX 570 Phantom use" and pasted it into Google, and got the answer.
  2. Another way is to count the power sources it uses. The pci-ex motherboard slot provides 75W. An 8 pin pci-ex connector supplies up to 150W. A 6 pin pci-ex connector supplies up to 75W. Your Gainward requires an 8 pin AND 6 pin, plus the motherboard slot itself.

    Next, you don't want your power supply running at 100% load. If your videocard requires 220W, you don't want to use a 220W power supply. You'll want to check reviews of the power supplies you're looking at to see the ideal load level but staying around 80% load can't hurt. So then for a 220W part you'd want ~300W.
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