Is my GPU bending going damage it?

Got a big Zotac 1080 installed for a few days, it seems to be slanting quite a bit. Will this be too heavy and might damage the card or the PCIE slot on my motherboard?
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    in 99% of cases, no, it wont hurt either the card or motherboard.
    If you are worried, you could invest in support brace if you want: Other types/brands exist also.
  2. Interesting, but Ive only had it for a few weeks and I notice a big difference. Are you sure it doesn't end up damaging something? I just saw some photos online that is making me a bit worried.
  3. the first image is.... shocking, yes but as noted in the article, most of the risk comes when case is in transit and subject to additional bumps.

    If worried, support brackets are in market and alternatives like lego's, fishing lines, using GPU's power cables to partially support the end have been used.
  4. In workstations with big GPUs like the HD6990/7990 they provide a metal backplane, with an extension that goes into a slot in the front of the computer, and a plastic support brace that latches down over the card(s). So this is something the OEMs pay attention to in their high end products.
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