Need help overclocking Intel Core2 Quad Q6600/ Motherboard Gigabyte Ep43-s3L

Hi guys, I need help overclocking my processor but I completely suck at bios or anything pc specs related, any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. 1| List your full system's specs like so:
    CPU+CPU Cooling:

    2| Read through this.
  2. Well before giving any specs I just checked my cpu temperatures and all cores are at 65-70°C..which probably means my cooler is very bad and I cant overclock right? Tried to check the temperatures while in a game and they jump to 75-80°C
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    You need to get your cooling sorted out. There were 2 different Q6600. The B3 stepping SL9UM, and the much better G0 SLACR. This will be etched on the CPU. Look for it while you're working on the cooling. They're so cheap now you should get the SLACR for overclocking. One of the classic overclocks for these is a piece of tape on a contact that changes the bus speed from 266 to 333. This only works if your MB can support that speed. But it gives 3GHz on stock Voltage.
  4. If your MB supports adjusting Voltage settings you might consider a Q6700. They're all G0 stepping and the tape trick will get you 3.33GHz. This won't usually work without more Volts. if you have alocked BIOS MB say so and I'll be happy to help with that also. if it's unlocked then others here will be able to guide you.
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