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Good Day, I just replaced my hard drive in Win 7 Desktop. I restored all the programs and updates, but if I walk away and let the PC go into sleep mode, the PC "locks up" and I have to manually power it down and when it boots back up, I have to go through the BIOS screen to get back to Windows? Any suggestions? I do have HDD as the first option in BIOS. Thanks much
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    No you do not want to use sleep mode. This can freeze the computer and it may not wake up.
    This has always been a bug in windows.
    Start> Control panel > look in the upper path bar, click on the arrow ">" after "control panel."
    this opens a drop down menu
    Then click "All control panel items"
    Click: Power Options
    Click: Show Additional Plans
    Click: The arrow, check the box that says "high performance."
    Click: Change Plan Settings
    Turn Off Display: Never
    Put Computer to Sleep: Never
    Click: change advanced power settings
    Hard Disk : turn off hard disk after: Never
    Wireless adapter Settings: power saving mode Setting: Max Performance
    Sleep: sleep after: Never
    Allow Hybrid Sleep: Setting: Off
    Hibernate After: Setting: Never
    Allow Wake Timers: Setting Disabled
    USB Settings: selective suspend setting Setting: Disabled
    PCI Express Link Power State Setting: off
    Display: turn off display Setting: Never
    Multimedia Settings
    When sharing media : prevent idling to sleep
    When Playing video: Setting: optimize video quality
    Now: Click "OK"

    Computer> system properties > Now open the Device Manager
    Click On: mice and pointing devices ">" click on the arrow
    Double Click on HID complaint Mouse
    Click: power management tab
    UN-check the box that says: "allow computer to turn off this device to save power"
    Now Click " OK"

    Restart the computer
    Open Bios
    Turn off Cool and Quiet (if AMD processor)
    Restart Computer
    Problems should be fixed now.
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