Should I upgrade? Kaby-Lake to Coffee Lake.

So there were rumors regarding Nvidia's PASCAL architecture is going to be EOL of production this year.. thing is, should I upgrade or just wait for this new ' Ampere ' architecture?

my planned upgrade route this year;
ROG Strix GTX1080Ti ( before knowing about the recent rumors )
Intel i7-8700K,
Asus ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming mobo.

Current hardware:
ROG Strix GTX1080,
Intel i7-7700 ( non-K ),
Asus ROG Strix Z270F Gaming mobo.

and i don't know if this is necessary but I'm also planning to go custom loop watercooling ( EK waterblock?) once I go with GTX1080Ti cards, my current cooler is a CoolerMaster Masterliquid 240 Pro AIO for my CPU ( some people said the Intel stock cooler was enough for my i7-7700 which i found out is absolutely not true as my thermals were plain bad with the stock cooler.. )

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  1. CPU upgrade is most likely pointless

    GPU only if you got a screen that really profits off a 1080Ti. otherwise it's lots of cash for little gains.
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    i say pull off any upgrade and wait for nvidia and their announcement. It is expected that the new architecture will be commercially available around april. If it happens so the new GPU will be a considerable upgrade (not just in terms of raw power) and if you do plan on the cpu upgrade it wouldn't be much of an upgrade apart from premium parts and that the new cpu will be unlocked and the mobo will have added tweak feats.

    So, considering the fact that both the gpu and cpu upgrade will bring few changes, wait for nvidia. And/or you can upgrade other things like your monitor.
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