Corsair H100i v2 not recognized by Link

Recently installed one of these, seems to be working (fans/pump running), turned on my pc and link detected it straight away. Fiddled around with RGB settings and then remembered that I have to set the CPU fan to constant 12v.

So, restarted, went into boot, turned off custom fan control, went back in to windows and... no h100. Tried setting a "custom" fan curve where every temp was set to deliver 12v. Nope. Tried setting it back the way it was the first time. Nope.

Also tried reinstalling Link. Have plugged the pump into both usb headers on my mobo and plugged it in to an external usb port, nothing. Doesn't show up in device manager or Link.

On a weird note, it also reset the RGB to white. Not sure if that's relevant.
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  1. Pump appears to be broken. Have tried other solutions and nothing works, no response from corsair either so I'm going to try getting a replacement. Hopefully the next one works.
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