Need motherboard help

I need motherboard help,I need a motherboard manual for a lenovo Mtq45mk (Its a lenovo thinkcentre m58p Tower PC).I would like to know whats the best graphics card I can get for it and whats the max ram I can install.

Current :
PSU : 280w
CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0ghz
RAM : 2gb ddr3
Integrated graphics

P.S - I know this PC is outdated but I'm just want to bump it up a bit to run some good games (Call of duty blacks ops) and I also just want to connect it to my 32" curved TV.

Please don't tell me to get a new PC or it is outdated. I really need this help.
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    Here is the info from lenovo

    If you want to buy new GPU, you will need other PSU, 280W is too low to handle most good GPU, also you c2d e8400 will bottleneck most of GPUs too.
    PSU requirement for GPU
  2. Okay thanks,but looking at it,will an ATi Radeon HD 7450 GPu work? (Because a friend is selling it for cheap) also I can get a 380w PSU for now
  3. The 280W PSU can handle the hd 7450.
  4. Thank you for the help
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