Game not detecting dedicated GPU.

Today when I logged on to R6 Siege i was unpleasently suprized that there was an error saying my graphics card doesnt support DX 11.(my GPU is a 940mx) I fixed that problem by downloading dxcpl and the game launched. But it was VERY laggy. I went into the settings and it turned out im using something called "Microsoft Render Driver". Then I fixed that problem by going to gamesetings file and changing GPUAdapter to 1. But that just made the game run with integrated graphics. I've been trying everything to fix this problem but i just can't.
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  1. Usually in problems with games being locked to integrated graphics you can go into the PC's BIOS and disable onboard graphics to resolve it.

    Cool avatar btw. LOL
  2. Are you on a laptop that switches between integrated and dedicated? If it's a desktop you should be able to disable integrated graphics in the BIOS as Frag Maniac suggested.
  3. Yes, i'm using a laptop. I don't really want to disable the integrated graphics because of my battery. Isn't there another way ?
  4. Ah, yes. On a laptop you will certainly want to leave the integrated graphics enabled (it actually can't run without it). Assuming you are running an Nvidia GPU, you will want to go into the Nvidia control panel and add in a rule to run that specific game with the Nvidia GPU. You should also be able to right click the game and have a "Pick graphics processor" option (or something similar) and choose the Nvidia GPU. If you really wanted to be certain, you could hook up an external monitor and try starting the game with that. An external monitor forces the dedicated GPU to be used.
  5. I already tried making the global setting and the game to dedicated, but it doesn't work either.
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    First you'll want to remove the dxcpl file you downloaded and change back the GPUAdapter setting. It may also help to re-install both the Intel integrated graphics driver and Nvidia driver. Especially considering it told you it was using a Microsoft driver, which should never be the case. To be safe, I would download the Intel driver from your laptops download page and the Nvidia driver directly from Nvidia. Let me know if that works.
  7. Thank you SO MUCH! I did all the things above, restarted my laptop and BAM. Siege is working perfectly again. Problem Solved !
  8. Glad to hear it!
  9. Lesson learned, trust advice from experienced gamers over random downloads like DxCPL. I got cringes when I read that part.
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