What should I upgrade first?

Hello there. My question is what should I upgrade first and what else to do with it. My configuration of my pc is:
Intel Celeron G530 2.4 GHz (Stock Cooler)


MSI AMD Radeon HD 5450 (Overclocked to MAXIMUM 750 MHz core and 900 MHz memory,altrough its 1GB and i put a small cooler on it to keep temperatures down

4GB DDR3 Tracsend

500GB HDD WD Caviar Green

OEM ATX 500W E1 PSU (Probably Chinese,doesn't appear to have 6 pin gpu connector)

Windows 10 Pro 64x

Also my goal is to achieve 40+ Fps in games such as Unturned 3, COD4 MW 2007, Minecraft and GTA SAN ANDREAS ON 1280X1024 on medium/high graphical settings with 40+ fps constantly (AA off). I am aiming for the used gpus, not new like gt 1030 or rx 550.My pc is in very cold room, so don't worry about temps.
My budget is 40€ MAXIMUM or a little bit more if needed.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Nothing to upgrade with a 40 buck budget.
    You might get a used 6670 video card.
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    There are total 5 revision for your mobo. Not sure what you have but I just pick rev 1.0 as an example that all CPU that mobo rev 1.0 will support. You may need to update bios first for CPU upgrade.

    Here is a link to ebay CPU socket 1155

    Regard to GPU, buy used one on ebay also.
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