Frame rate drop after alt tab. Have to restart to fix.

This is a weird thing that has been happening to me for several months and I haven't found any solution online. When I alt tab, all DX11 games go from decent frame rates to like 10FPS or less. I have to restart the computer to fix it.

Here is the odd part:
idle temp of GPU is about 30-32C

Before alt tab when gpu is 100% it runs around 50-60C with Fan at 100%. Frame rate about 40 to 60+ for most games.
After alt tab when gpu is 100% it runs at about 34-36C with fan at 22%. Frame rate about 5-10 on all DX11 games.

My specs. Phenom X6 @4.2GHz/ 32GB 1600MHZ/ Windows 7 64bit. Fury (nonX) with decent 3fan cooler. No AV running and CPU not being used by burdensome processes. 18.1.1 driver amd driver. The older drivers from 16 and early 17 don't have this problem at all. I only install the driver and settings. I skip all the other stuff.
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