Can’t even get 60FPS now..

Hi there. So I built a PC with an I5 4670 3.4ghz (Haswell) a rx 550 2GB, and 8GB DDR3 Ram. The main game I play is rainbow six siege, and I would play at medium high settings at 1080P usually getting 75-90fps though I turned on VSYNC cuz I have a 60hz monitor. Anyway, a day ago or so I logged on and was only getting 40. I thought it was a map issue (a few maps make me lag) however it’s been like this for several days for every map. So i have to play at 720p. I’m really confused what happen. The only thing I changed is I put my CPU fan from Full Power to silent mode and I plugged in my 2nd monitor to my MOBO. Please help, thank yoh
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  1. Check your CPU temp while gaming, changing the CPU Fan mode from Full to Silent mode may of made the fans not spin fast enough to sufficiently cool the CPU. And with the higher heat it will cause the CPU to throttle performance to avoid damage, use HWmonitor to check the temps.
  2. Thanks a lot!! I switched it back to full mode and I’m getting 90fps high 1080p again!
  3. I also noticed my CPU temps were high 50s in BIOS. That’s usually what I get high while gaming.
  4. Yea that's a bit too warm for the BIOS, if you want quieter fans then maybe consider replacing the fan(s) on the CPU cooler?
  5. Smh. Now it’s happening again. For two straight games I’ve been on all low 10&0p getting 40-50. I’m very frustrated I don’t m is what to do. Some days I get nearly 90 high 1080p others can’t even get above 50 low...
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