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i had 4x2 1600 mhz ram,but today i added one 1333mhz ram,but now in task manager its shows 1000mhz why.?
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    When you mix RAM of different speeds it defaults to the speed of the slowest sticks if it works at all. Unless you need more RAM for something specific you're better off with the matching set of 4 x 2. This also allows for dual channel mode to be used. So by adding the extra stick you slowed down the RAM speed and lost the advantage of dual channel.
  2. joseph_nasif said:
    so should i take it out ?

  3. If you are using a specific application that requires the extra memory then it will help. In all other cases it's slowing you down.
  4. Don't think he will loose dualchannel ram,the 1333mhz stick will probably run in single channel and the two other sticks still in dualchannel. Is called flex mode.
    Dropping down to 1000mhz is strange though,might want to check with cpu-z->memory tab for current settings.
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