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So I just got my 850 evga b2 installed but some cords hang low almost putting their weight on my gpu. I used some Velcro like ties that came with the psu to hold up the cables in question. My concern is if these conduct static electricity at all? Should I just go buy zip ties? And the psu is semi modular so it appears that the cpu cable goes directly into the psu like the 24 pin mobo connector. But theres also a modular opening for a cpu cable. Does that sound right? The manual is no help.
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    Are you asking if having velcro ties in your PC is dangerous (due to static)? No.

    Your PSU has two CPU power connectors (as some motherboards have two CPU power connectors for extreme overclocking). One permanently attached (as at least one is guaranteed to be used) and the second one is modular. This is detailed in the manual.

    Edit: The act of separating two pieces of velcro would like generate static electricity yes. But it's not going to do anything if it's just sitting there.
  2. Thanks I couldnt find this in the manual.on a side not I accidently left the psu switch on when i plugged the cable into the wall (surge protector). The computer was off but I heard electricity. Everything booted fine and it seemed fine running a game. Would I be able to tell if anything got damaged from the electricity?
  3. Not sure what you mean by "heard electricity". You can go into your BIOS or use a monitoring utility to see what the voltage is on the various power rails from the PSU to make sure everything is within tolerance as a basic diagnostic. But the equipment required to fully test a PSU isn't cheap or simple.

    I doubt you damaged anything though, just make sure to power everything off before plugging/unplugging next time.
  4. You know the pop sound when you plug something into a live outlet sometimes?
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