MSI has rejected my laptop after it being 4 months in facilities after RMA because of boot issues.

Six months ago, at the end of August I purchased myself a new MSI laptop. Fast forward two months, the laptop fails to boot when I press the power button. I ship product in for RMA, they are very friendly the first time when I contact them. After I shipped it to them, I get no details on their official RMA website about my product. I then repeatedly emailed their official RMA support email (, a total of seventeen times, to no avail. The first time they just said they will check on it. After weeks after no response, I repeatedly email them, but they just keep on ignoring me. Yesterday, after four months, I finally received some info back from MSI. They had rejected my laptop. It had spent four months inside their facilities, which meant that the warranty period was past already. I think they had purposefully taken so long to let the warranty expire.

I made a post on PCMR subreddit about this issue, and it's gaining some publicity, having received over 500 upvotes in less than 12 hours. I figure the only way for MSI to give me a refund, or a replacement is if the public shames them enough that they will be forced to do so. If we are to stop companies like MSI doing * stuff like this we need to act together. I myself cannot make an impact on this situation, but together we can.

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  1. When it comes back I'd have a look to see if there is any documentation on why the RMA was refused. If there isn't, I'd consider either continuing troubleshooting it or hiring a professional to look at it. It could have very well been a valid RMA refusal. If you tried 17 emails an 18th isn't going to help.
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