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Toshiba Satillite C655-S5305 Battery screen indicator says plugged in not charging. Looked at the bios version and determined it was the original. From Toshiba's webpage downloaded the latest bios version sc2ev130.exe and Norton Security deleted the file. I also downloaded the previous version 120 but Norton didn't delete this one but recieved and error message when attempting ot create a Bios install CD from Toshiba's CD creator. How to I upgrade my Bios and what is the reasons for the battery not charging?
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    It sounds like the battery may have reached the end of it's life. Rechargeable batteries only have so many charge/discharge cycles before they "die".

    As for the BIOS update, can't you temporarily disable Norton Security when downloading the latest BIOS?
  2. Thanks for answering. I came to the same conclusion left the bios alone and purchased a new battery.
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