i7-8550U vs i7-7700HQ

Any idea which would be better for heavy computing with MATLAB, etc
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  1. The 7700HQ all the way.
  2. Many thanks, I'm still hesitating; any experience, or just general guidance
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    8550U is a low power quad core/8thread cpu with a base operating frequency of 1.8Ghz Turbo up to 4Ghz
    7700Hq is older but also is 4core/8thread with a base frequency of 2.8Ghz, & Turbo to 3.8Ghz.

    Both use Turbo Boost 2.0 technology which depends on several factors as to what you get. Typically if all 4 cores are active you pretty much run at base frequency giving the 7700 quite an advantage - 1000Mhz. In apps that use single cores, the 8550 has a 200Mhz advantage which is all but unnoticeable in anything but a benchmark.

    And... Matlab is multi-threaded so it will use the entire 4c/8t of the cpu :) Enjoy the 7700!

    I also believe that the 8550u, being a low power cpu will have a thinner designed cooler and probably be constrained to lower speeds by Turboboost which also evaluates the temperature of the cpu when deciding what speed to run at.
  4. Many thanks, now things look clearer
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