Computer won't turn on (motherboard problem)

I recently purchased a new processor for my desktop. My first upgrade to come for my pc but things didn't end very well. After videos and forum threads I finally finished installing the new processor but when I put everything back together my computer wouldn't power on.

I did a PSU test and it worked fine. I grounded myself every time I moved away from my computer but one thing I didn't account for was the surface I used for everything. I stupidly used my bed to take apart my computer, I'm guessing the static from the fabric ruined the motherboard but I wanted to ask if there were any other tests I could run to see if the issue is something else.

My motherboard is an Asus h110m-r.
Old processor was i3 6100 and I changed to a i7 7700k.
I installed a cooler master hyper 212 fan along with the processor.
16gb ddr4 ram.

The computer has no power going to it. The fans don't turn on at all.
Is it possible that something else is causing the computer from powering on?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Put the old CPU back in flash the BIOS first. Then reinstall the 7700k.

    It would need a BIOS update to support it

    It needs BIOS 3016 or higher to support the 7700K
  2. PaulNZ, is it normal for the pc to not power on if there is no bios update?
  3. Yup it is. If the BIOS thats on it isnt 3016 or higher, you have to update the BIOS first.

    But you'll have to reinstall the old CPU first to do it. Since it worked with the old CPU
  4. I tried reinstalling the previous processor but it still won't start. This is a few pictures of the motherboard. Am I missing anything?
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