I have a motherboard but it has spray paint on and I want to remove it

i brought a second hand board that had been painted white and i want to remove the paint safely without damaging the board

Pics are as follows
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    Are you talking about the usually silver colored panel where the rear USB ports, DVI ports etc are connected? If so, that panel should be able to be completely removed from the motherboard. When you buy a new motherboard, that panel is usually in a plastic envelope with other parts.

    Once removed, you should be able to use paint stripper to remove the paint. Clean off the residue with alcohol once all the paint is off.
  2. adamleeson80 said:
    I have just got a second hand moba msi pro carbon and the seller has painted the i/o cover on the board and I want to remove it without messing up the board

    Pics please.
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