ASUS Z170-Deluxe vs Cryorig H7 (Clearance)

I recently bought an ASUS Z170-Deluxe board and a Core i7-6700K CPU. I still have to buy a cooler before I can assemble the system though. I'm thinking about ordering a Cryorig H7, but I want to make sure that it'll fit. The motherboard is packed with heatsinks around the CPU area.

Will these interfere with the H7 or is it tall enough to reach over them?
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    Here are pictures of the H7 being used with that board so yes it works.
  2. Motherboard VRM and RAM slot clearance are non issue with Cryorig H7. Fits on all compatible boards with ease. You should be fine.
    Very good cooler choice by the way.
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