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I have used Logitech gaming hardware for about 7 years. I am considering the possibility of replacing my Logitech gaming components (G502, G600, G910, G13, and G430) when I do a gaming PC rebuild or replacement later this year. I would like suggestions on reliable components from other brands. I would like to have at least the gamepad, keyboard, and mouse all from the same manufacturer and sync with the same gaming software. The only two brands that I am aware of with this capability are Logitech and Razer. I use two gaming mice, one for first-person-shooter and another for MMO. Also, I am considering replacing my Logitech G430 headsets and would like alternative suggestions for that component as well. I appreciate your recommendations. Thanks.
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  1. These are probably too much wrapped up in taste to get much advice beyond the "I like my..." level.

    Obvious candidates to look at would be the current stuff from Logitech, Razor and Steelseries.
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