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Hi everyone , i got a problem with my GPU i got the 1070gtx Armor 8gb OC . The Problem is that in games i got normal 120-130fps at almost high settings and now suddenly i got 35 at max, i tried restart my pc (the most simple at the begging) but it didnt help, so i tried with DDU and re-install drivers but still didn't help me. i tried old version of Nvidia still the same it plays normaly for a short amout of time but right afterwards it goes to 35-40 fps and its not only in 1 game to say that it's some prob with the current game.. any ideas?? at the display settings seems that 1070 is running normaly aswell in MSI afterburner says 98-99% GPU usage . ( dont think any of my items are bottlenecking or something because i am using it for over 5months now )
[ i5 7600k CPU ] [ ddr4 2400 8gb 2x ] [M2 250gb ssd ] [ Z270-K ] any ideas?
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  1. How are your CPU temps?
  2. around 50 when not plaing and 58-60 when playing gpu is normal aswell at 60 . can it be the problem maybe the M2? i recently formated my pc and put the windows on M2 and all my games aswell.. or it's irrelevant?
  3. It shouldn't be a problem unless the SSD is almost full.
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