NO Crossfire option????

Hi, I haven't used AMD hardware in a while and just built a PC..
AsRock X99 extreme 6/3.1
Intel Xeon E5 2609 V3 ES
4Gb single Gskill DDR4 Ripsaw V 2133Ghz
2x 2 GB radeon 7870's

I have pics of hardware info,
on the Radeon global settings, There isn't a crossfire option, I always thought it they are the same card you crossfire them but???? i've looked at the threads on here and couldn't find anything..

I do have the bridge installed correctly also.

http://Hardware Pictures

http://CPUID validation
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    I think it is because the cards aren't exactly the same. One card is pitcairn architecture and the other one is tahiti, si the cards aren't identical ehich they need to be for crossfire.
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