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hi, i have a ASUS ROG GL502VS gaming laptop. i've had a lot of problems lately but it all came down to this (at least thats what i think). So in device manager there is no 'display adapters' section, instead there is unknown device under the 'other devices' section. it's my graphics card. i can tell by the ID and when i press update driver software it finds drivers for my gtx 1070 but isnt able to install it. i also cant install manually downloaded drivers either from asus website or geforce website. any ideas what might be the cause? also i was experiencing windows update failures lately, it either gets stuck on booting screen after the first reboot at 20%, or gives me a black screen saying 'windows failed to start'. and tells me to repair computer with a windows installation disc which i dont have. you think if i install windows this will be fixed? or maybe reset?
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    This somehow looks like windows is faulty.. you may try to reinstall windows.
  2. beinik6 said:
    This somehow looks like windows is faulty.. you may try to reinstall windows.

    That's what I was thinking. I somehow managed to install a bit older driver, though it failed to install all the features, including geforce experience. I haven tried to install any other driver because I get the feeling there will bebe some problems again. The card itself works like it should. I get 60+ fps in witcher 3 on ultra settings and after 4-5 hours of intense gaming temp is somewhere 85° or less. Anyway, thanks for the reply i'll try reinstalling windows and post the answer here if it helps or not.
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