Help! My ASUS GTX 550 Ti is overheating :(

My gpu stays at 44 degrees when it is idle at 100% fan speed
While playing csgo at 720p everything low and windowed it goes up to 83 degrees. I really don't know the issue and for the fan part, i have one fan over the gpu and one on the right. If underclocking fixes this please provide the guide too...
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    That card is really old which means its thermal paste to. I also had a gtx 550ti and as I desembled it the thermal paste was really dry and hard. It took me a hour to remove that. Just buy some thermal paste (usually costs like 5 dollars or cheaper), screw your card open, wipe the thermal paste of the gpu (If the old paste is dry than try using some alcohol), put a pee size of new thermal paste on the gpu and than screw it back up.

    Here is a guide:
  2. Dust off your gpu by a vaccum cleaner. dust causes gpu to overheat in many cases.
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