PC will always boot to BIOS, even when other device selcted

Hi everyone,

On my Asus zenbook, I experienced some problems when I was running windows 10 normally. The operating system froze at a random time, and I was only able to move my mouse pointer. I followed a suggestion from another topic to boot in safe mode, and then change the SATA mode to IDE. Now my PC will always boot into the BIOS! I already tried to install another hard drive, use a USB stick with a windows installation. They are all recognized in the BIOS, shown in the boot device list, but no matter what, the system still boots to the BIOS.

I hope someone can help me, because I am out of options...

Thanks in advance,

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  1. To change the storage mode you need to change it in your OS first and then change the mode in the BIOS. If you can't get any recovery or OS installation images to boot you may have larger problems.
  2. Hi Failboat,

    Thanks for the reply! I read that I needed to change the mode in OS first, thats why I tried to boot from recovery/installation image but that also results in my system booting to the BIOS directly. I also thought about a larger problem, but I find it strange that the problem started from the point that I changed the SATA mode, and that my drives are still recognized in the BIOS. Seems that the connection between harddrive and mainboard is still functioning...
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    For the once who enouter the same problem, my local PC store found the solution. In the BIOS, put secure boot contol to disabled, and launch CSM to enabled. In my case this solved the problem. Good luck!
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