1050TI mini VS 1060 3GB

whats better? and whats the difference between them and the difference between 1050 ti to 1050ti mini
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  1. More VRAM is always using 1050ti, and i will use choose 1050ti over gtx 1060 3gb anytime. you may get some improvement in quality of graphics in 1060 3gb but as far as i think itll be almost unnoticeable. If it was between 1060 6gb and 1050ti, i will choose 1060 6gb. Make sure that you have a 1080p monitor before even thinking to buy something from gtx 1060 series. If not then even 1050ti is an over kill for your monitor.
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    More vram is not always better. Some GT 730s have ridiculous amounts of vram, it still doesn't help.

    The 1060 3gb is a faster card than the 1050 Ti. The difference can be summed up like this: If you want to play PUBG then you will be glad you bought the 1060 3gb over the 1050 Ti. If you play less demanding games like Overwatch, then you'll be just as happy with a 1050 Ti.

    A 1050 Ti is a 1050 Ti, the mini is just a smaller version. Some people have Dells or other pre-builts where a full size card won't fit, a mini helps there.
  3. More v ram isn't always better. GTX 1060 is a much much more powerful card than a GTX 1050ti and even Rx 470. Check out benchmark videos of both you will see that 1060 runs most of the aaa games high -ultra at minimum 60 fps . And mini is just for smaller cases it doesn't make a major difference
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