I need help disabling my on-board graphics so I can use my gpu.

Hello! I recently built my new pc. I launched csgo and noticed it was too laggy for my pc and looked at task manager and saw my cpu at 100% and my gpu at 0%. I looked up videos upon videos that didnt help. I also downloaded my drivers and made sure they were the right one. I assume that in order to use my gpu I need to disable my on-board graphics. I need help with that. Here are my specs.

GPU: GTX 1050 Zotac
CPU: AMD A4-7300 APU With Radeon HD Graphics.
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  1. All you need to do is connect your monitor to GPU, not to motherboard.
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  2. Did you connect your monitor to the GPU and not the motherboard?
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  3. Yeah I did and I still dont know whats going on, but I am connecting my graphics card to my tv, it's 32 inchs. does that affect anything?
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  4. If you are connected to your graphics card then it is displaying your graphics, not the onboard graphics so no need to disable it.

    Your CPU is kind of weak but i'm not a CSGO player so I'm not sure what you should be getting with that combo.

    What resolution are you playing at?
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  5. It displays my gpu and everything but the games are running off my apu. Im running at 1360 x 768. csgo doesnt need a lot. this is type of build is normal for csgo players.
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  6. The APU is AMD's name for CPU with Internal GPU. If you are connected to your GPU, then the internal GPU is just sitting there. It can't affect the GPU.

    I agree you should be getting better FPS especially at that resolution.

    How are your temps? How much RAM?
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  7. You may be able to manually disable the iGPU in BIOS but I don't remember exactly what's it called.
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  8. If you want to disable the iGPU this would be done through the BIOS. Since I personally have not used an A series APU I can not tell you exactly where it is in the BIOS but you will need to set the graphics adapter to use the PCI-e slot. This should make the motherboard use the PCI-e card instead of the iGPU.

    Because no one asked and it is important, did you install the drivers for the dedicated GPU?
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  9. I did install my drivers for my gtx 1050 from the nvida site itself. I have went on the bios and looked around and I did see integrated graphics but when I click on it, its locked out and it says "PEG" on the other end. Im going to go take a look on the motherboard manuel.
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  10. my gpu's temps are always at 27c - 34c, Im running 8 gigs of ddr3 ram. My mobo is a MSI A68HM Grenade, If you guys can look around the web to see how I can disable my integrated graphics that would be amazing. I appreciate all you have done.
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