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I have medium/large hands.I play with a claw/fingertip grip. I have the price range of 50-100 dollars. I play a lot of FPS shooters. I personally hate razer products, (just my opinion). I was look at the g502, g403, rival 300, and rival 600. What do you think i should get?
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    I have the G502 Proteus Spectrum and I love it. I have not used the other gaming mouse that you listed so I cant comment on them. I like the ability to change the weights of the g502 and it feels very natural in my hand.
  2. g502, however make sure it fits your hand. I have long fingers and despite I like that mouse I could not use it, as no matter how I put my hand on it some of the buttons would be outside of reach. Rival 500 made the trick for me.
  3. I am using this mouse and it is pretty damn good for me:

    playing games and graphical design.
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