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I just installed two new hard drives, both of them are Samsung V-Nand SSD 850 EVO's and they aren't showing up in my Device Manager or my Disk Manager. I've gone into my BIOS and enabled all of the SATA ports, they're all set to AHCI. I'm fairly certain it's not the port nor the wires as I've changed both, and they're brand new hard drives so I doubt they are the problem. I'm assuming that there's a step I missed in the BIOS, but I haven't got a clue what to do from here. Any and all help would be appreciated, thanks!
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  1. I don't know if you missed a step in the BIOS....but you should SEE them in the should see manufacturer/model/size in the BIOS. If you do not...I don't think you will ever see them in Windows.
  2. Did you connect both the sata and power cables to the SSD's?
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    Change it back to IDE if you installed your os under that and then see if they show. Are you trying to use them as storage drives or clone over os? If your os was installed using IDE you need to find a guide on how to switch over to AHCI or do a clean install. I always recommend having backups of important data. That should be your first step if you haven't already.
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