asrock 370m pro 4 v asrock 370m itx

Hi, currently running i5 3570k but I think after 5 years my asus mobo is going to die, intermittent start up problem. Going to try cleaning the ram and cpu but if that fails its new computer time unfortunately since it suites my needs fine and runs great. Looked at a ryzon 5 but can't find a mobo i like b350m so looking at i3 8100 to go with the gtx 970 i already have, just a home computer and mainly play warthunder in 1440p so nothing too demanding. I need a matx or itx board due to space constraints and the choice is very limited. Found asrock 370m pro4 and 370m itx just wondered if
1.Are asrock any good?
2. 370m pro4 has 10 phase and 45a choke, 370m itx 6 phase 60a choke what is better and what's the difference? obviously i'm not overclocking.
3. I don't need wifi and the matx is £20 cheaper and has better fan management, are there any other major differences i missed?
obviously if it hangs on until the H and B boards come out there will be more choice in my price
Thanks in advance
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    Yes Asrock makes decent boards , I'm running the Asrock Z370 Extreme 4.
    The Pro 4 is another solid board.
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