Asus Rampage VI Apex recognize 4200Mhz Ram?

Hi, on asus Rampage page on memory specifications say that will work even 4133mhz ram OC on 6 and above cores CPU (i have 8 cores 7820X) ...
And if i put 4200Mhz Ram? It will work fine? This motherboard is top of the line of 2066 socket so should work all the ram, even 4500mhz on 8 cores cpu no?

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    suggestion.....don't buy 4200mhz ram wildly unnecessary especially for an intel chip.
  2. Ok but will not work? Should i buy 4133mhz?
  3. b22222c said:
    Ok but will not work? Should i buy 4133mhz?

    RAM speed is more of a significant factor with Ryzen processors because the two are tied together than it is with Intel.You would be fine with 2400mhz just the same as you would be with 4200mhz, you would probably get an extra 5 fps more at a 400% price increase and even so with a Ryzen build at a certain point RAM speed and it's benefits will cap... If you don't want to take my word for it Linus from Linus Tech Tips has done a video on this already
  4. Bought a corsair 4000Mhz. Thanks
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