Constant micro-freezing even while on the desktop when using two monitors, GTX 1060

Hi everyone, my issue is a pretty weird one I think, because I've been having it for a year and googling time and time again never found me an aswer, also I posted my problem in the past to no avail so this time I'll post videos too I recorded with my phone in case that helps anyone to debug the problem.

So as soon as I connect my second display I get a constant 0.3 seconds or so stuttering every 2 seconds or so in both monitors, regardless of the application or game that I have open, I even have this when moving the mouse around in the desktop, when it comes to specs these are mine:

I have a GTX 1060 6Gb with the latest drivers running Win 8.1 (even though before I had Win10 with the same problem), my first monitor is a AOC E2476VWM6 running at 1920x1080 60Hz resolution and my second monitor is a LG L192WS running at 1440x900 60Hz connected through an adapter, and I know the easy thing to blame is the adapter but I've also connected another laptop I have to the same VGA monitor with that adapter with no problems, so it's something to do with NVIDIA and some settings that I have.

Here is the video so you can check it out:

Before I finish I also wanted to point out that if I do a fresh install of Windows I dont have the problem anymore, both monitors look smooth and work fine but as soon as I install my GPU drivers and the whole Geforce experience the monitors go black for a second an when they come back they all have the stuttering.

I've had this problem for over a year and a half so and after all I've just given up on using two monitors but every once in a while having both would come really handy for graphic design or programming and I really miss using both so I google and post once more to see if I have any luck, so that's what I'm doing once again now.

If anyone has ANY idea or has any GUESS about what could it be please, please, just lend me hand any help would be appreciated

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