Overclocking My Ryzen 3 1200

I'd like to know how high I could go in the frequency while overclocking without going over the suggested voltage limit
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  1. Depends on how far you want to push voltage. The official limit is 1.35v, and AMD says that you can push to 1.45v but suffer degregation. From what I've heard 1.4v is a good spot to max out at.

    You won't know what your max frequency will be until you try. Start at 3.8ghz (38 on the multiplier) and push it up in .1GHz increments until your unstable (use stress testers like OCCT to find instability).
  2. Mine with the stock cooler gets to hot over about 1.35V so keep an eye on that.
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    Don't forget that every chip is different. You can take two Ryzen chips off the shelf and have one be happy at 4.0 GHz and the other unstable at 3.8 GHz. That's the silicon lottery.

    I always start at the base frequency and base voltage and go up 100 MHz at a time until the system gets unstable. Then I start increasing the voltage, incrementally and slowly.

    I overclocked my Ryzen 7 1700 from 3.0 GHz to 3.6 GHz and only had to increase the voltage to 1.2V.
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