Cpu killing system?

Im updating my mother's computer with an older core 2 quad which i found. All went good when i placed the cpu and ran windows. But after 2-3 minutes it gaves me various bluescreens and crashes. Then i giced a try to windows 7 where it booted well and after it gaved bluescreens too. Did a restart and the windows didnt boot because the kernel wanst found (whaaat?). Then rebooted and system hanged at bios screen, it wouldnt even boot or enter in bios.

CPU: Old: core 2 duo e6600,
New:Core 2 Quad q8200

Motherboars: Asus p5b deluxe.

Some help maybe?
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  1. Unless the BIOS is at a revision lower than 1238, I'd presume there's an issue with the Q8200.
  2. GhislainG said:
    Unless the BIOS is at a revision lower than 1238, I'd presume there's an issue with the Q8200.

    Right now im doing memtest to see if ram has problems.Trying the cpu in linux should be a good test?

    Also, it says next to the Q8200 "beta support FSB1333". I suspect they're not guaranteeing 100% compatibility, even with a proper BIOS update.

    Maybe one of the other quads that doesn't have the "beta support" note might work better?
  4. It seems that doing an fresh win 7 install with no drivers its stable. Running prime95 and no problems
  5. If your bios is not at 1238, use the old E6600 to update the bios.

    As a caveat, motherboard sockets are certified only for up to 15 insertions; minimize the number of times you change processors.
    In addition, inserting a processor can be tricky, it is easy to bend socket pins, causing all sort of mysterious problems.

    Regardless, I think there are better upgrades for the pc. The Q8200 has 4 threads vs. 2 for the E6600, but the capability of each thread is essentially the same.
    For normal desktop operations, which are mostly single threaded, you should see little difference.

    What would make a big difference would be to convert the windows C drive to a ssd.
  6. I think i made it stable by underclocking it at 2.2ghz and installing an old graphic driver for the gpu. Maybe the cpu was underclocked before i bought him. Thanks for help!
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    That makes little performance difference, but if the CPU is good and the BIOS is 1238 or newer, then it could be overclocked to gain performance.
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